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Something about myself.

Painting has become a very important part of my life. The whole thing started when I in February 1991 took a class at the visionary Painter, Mr. Hannibal Maane. Some doors, or should we call it gates, were opened up to a world, that I had never known before, yet still did not feel foreign to me.

Everything started happening so fast, that I almost could not follow. Already in April that year I had upon request an exhibition of 12 paintings on a conference center a little outside af the town Praestoe.

I use oilpaint on canvas, and that makes it possible for me to work so long on the painting that an image appears on it's own. If I want animals or birds in the picture, I look at a photograph, as I find in a book on animals or birds from the library.

Not two of my paintings have the same motif, even thougt you can see my strokes in all my paintings.
New motifs appear all the time, as I call spiritual worlds, and that is why it is always exciting and motivating for me to start a painting.

Every now and then I make a painting from the energy of a person, who wants it in this way, and often get's a very personal character, yet not the less exciting for that.

At the same time as I am painting, I am also writing on a book with the title - Invisible Footprints - about my experiences of a material and spiritual nature around the world. So all in all life is exsiting and wonderful for me.

I live after the motto - WEE CREATE OUR OWN EXPERIENCES.

Love to everyone who reads this.

Lis Lings